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Tips for a special store design!


The moment customers step in to your shop, those first few seconds they take to look around their surroundings will decide whether they want to stay or not. This is why your retail store’s layout and design is a huge factor in getting those all important sales.

Even a minimal budget, when used wisely, can bring out your store’s full potential. So if you’re looking to design your new store or redesign your current one, check out these ideas we gathered!

Go Green With Your Walls or Window Displays.

Incorporate “green” or “living walls” into the retail spaces at window displays, point of sale locations, and/or fixed merchandising areas. These unique feature areas provide a connection to nature and require no or low maintenance, depending on the product.

Have Background Music

When it comes to retail store design, it’s also important to consider music, volume, and how it will sound around the store and affect customers. Research has proven that background music has a direct effect on shopping behavior, so it is something business owners should always keep in mind.

Have Customers Walk a Well-Thought Path.

Having a well-thought-out path can make a more pleasant visit to your store because the traffic is controlled and will immediately give off a zen-like ambiance to your shop. This approach also ensures that your products get maximum exposure. Make sure to reward your customers with attention-grabbing displays as they follow the path you set for them.

Adjust Your Lighting.

Replacing your store’s light bulbs will immediately make a ton of difference to your store. For old retail shops, an upgrade of the lighting design can improve its overall look without having to cost so much.

Use Glass Displays to Make the Space Look Larger

For stores going for a minimalist design, the use of glass as dividers and shelves can emphasize the overall look. It adds to the clean, clutter free ambiance that makes the space look larger than it really is. Accentuate the store with strategically placed lighting to give more focus on your featured products.

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